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Get the best view of the parades by choosing to sit in one of our elevated seating options. We have two front-row grandstands located on St. Charles Avenue. Both parade stands are situated directly on the parade route for maximum parade enjoyment and participation. Everyone in the stands is able to easily catch bagfuls of beads and other parade throws. These reserved parade stands are perfect for families, as they allow children to get closer to the floats in a much safer surrounding.

The first parade stand, the Lafayette Hotel grandstand, is located between Lee Circle and Poydras Street on St. Charles Avenue. This particular stand is adjacent to Lafayette Square and provides an excellent view of the Mardi Gras celebrations happening in the street below. The second stand, the Place St. Charles zone, is located near Canal Street on St. Charles Avenue. Both of these reserved seating areas are placed directly on the parade route so you can get as close as possible to the excitement and revelry.

If you plan on celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans for an extended amount of time, we suggest purchasing a different grandstand zone for each parade day! Get a different view of the parades when you reserve both seating zone options.